Credit bureaus

Credit Report Request Guide

Equifax’s FAQ page

Discover how to spot and recover from fraud and identity theft.

Provincial and local government resources

List of all provincial privacy laws and who is responsible for ensuring your privacy rights are being upheld.

Advocacy organizations and tools

Acquire information, research, prevention tips, victim information guides, and other resources from this non-profit organization. 

Register your phone numbers, including wireless numbers, on the National Do-Not-Call Registry.

Add your name to the mail and email "name deletion lists" used nationwide by marketers.

Learn about the growing problem of phishing and email spoofing.

Learn about credit reports, credit cards, and your rights and responsibilities when dealing with financial institutions.

Consumers will be able to report commercial electronic messages sent without consent to the SRC once Canada’s anti-spam legislation is in force.

Research accredited businesses in your area.


Federal government resources

Offers information on consumer topics, such as identity theft, scams, and how to file a complaint.

Your guide to protection against fraud

Get tools to fight back against identity theft and find out how to file a CAFC identity theft complaint.

Find out about your rights under federal and provincial identity theft and privacy laws.

Discover how to protect your Social Insurance card, number, and records.

Learn how to protect your mail from criminals.

Find out how the government helps protect you against identity theft and fraud.

Find out how to protect yourself from the many forms of cybercrime, including identity theft, auction fraud, phishing/spoofing, and dealing with spam. 

Federal government resources

A single, trusted source of information on cyber security for Canadians and businesses.