Elect Safety First … and Avoid Voter Fraud

Electoral fraud, more commonly known as voter fraud, interferes with the process of an election and the right to vote. Often it involves illegal voter registration and even harassment and libel. And it has a very personal effect when the information you provide to election officials is used to steal your identity. That’s why it pays to follow a few precautions.

1. Do it yourself. Register to vote directly with your local elections board instead of going through a third-party group. Obtain a registration card at your county’s elections board or state Department of Motor Vehicles. Most states accept the National Mail Voter Registration Form, available here.

2. Don’t give information away. Don’t fill out a registration form and hand it to a third-party group. Take the card and mail it yourself.

3. Report anything suspicious. In some states, voter registration cards require a driver’s license number or the last four digits of the voter’s Social Security number. If someone asks for more information than that—like your full SSN or any financial information—it’s a scam. Report it to local police immediately.